✨ Qigong is Starting to Go Viral!

✨ Qigong is Starting to Go Viral!

We’re Part of Something Big Here

For years, many have predicted Qigong would suddenly “catch on” and become as big as Yoga. Qigong is actually easier to do, by any age group or skill level, and works directly with boosting “Qi,” or life-force energy, to heal at our root level.

Well, perhaps it’s starting to happen… A recent video I posted on how Qigong clears negative emotions from the organs has already surpassed 120,000 views on TikTok alone, helping the Club ✨ grow while spreading new insights.

People appear to love the concept, so far. The comments are filled with stories of healing from Qigong and a huge interest in how to learn it. Many are now taking the new Personal Power Flow which focuses directly on expelling stuck emotions from the organs.

We’re thrilled to welcome all new members and subscribers who just arrived! 🎉 And for anyone who hasn’t seen the video, you’re invited to watch it here.

In good qi 🙏
Joe and Melissa
Club Qigong