Rabbit Springs

Organs: massages the intestines for better digestion and elimination, detoxes the thyroid Benefits: Imitating the rabbit, the movement rounds the body inward and then releases springing outward. Visceral fascia is […]

Spiral Palm

Spiral Palm is the 7th Form in 8 Trigram Qigong postures Organs: Moves in new Qi (chi) in spirals to Liver and Heart Benefits: spiraling the spine and flexing the […]


The Butterfly Posture in Qigong is active and a difficult posture. Take time to practice and memorize it. Then you can move to each side, repeat 5 times on each […]

Eagle (advanced form)

Advanced Eagle: Organs: focus balance strength and vision, full body, works shoulder, letting go and releasing Benefits: For its resemblance to the powerful motions of an eagle’s wings, the eagle […]

✨ Victory Pose

This remarkably simple move gets the good qi flowing, and has been done for thousands of years in every culture whenever we feel like we’re winning (a marathon, etc.). It’s […]