The Alkaline Diet is Finally Getting Confirmed by Science

The Alkaline Diet is Finally Getting Confirmed by Science

Here comes a critical aspect of your health that your doctor probably will never tell you.

They either don’t know about it or don’t believe it.

It’s that cancer has a hard time growing and thriving in an alkaline environment, and it thrives in an acidic environment.

It’s called the alkaline diet.

It consists of mainly eating 70% fruits and vegetables in your diet.

And for a long time the medical sites would say “No official studies have been done.”

Keep in mind studies are usually only done when there’s money to be made off some patented pharmaceutical.

There’s not much money to be made just saying: “Hey, go eat more fruits and vegetables.”

Well, finally an official study is out and yes, results show that an alkaline diet, eating more fruits and vegetables can slow and even prevent cancer.

Many wellness experts agree that cancer has a hard time growing in an alkaline environment. It wants that nasty acidic stuff to thrive.

What is that stuff?
-Pop, alcohol, processed meat, white flour, sugar, even dairy.

What are the alkaline foods?
-Again, the stuff that God put here as obvious ready-to-eat food: fruits and veggies, but specifically sweet potatoes, celery and broccoli are good. Also, almonds and coconut oil are extremely alkalizing.

And this new study was published by the Frontiers of Oncology. And their main complaint was that doctors seemed to be focusing more on the cancer rather than the patient.

And we all know what happens in manifestation when you focus on a problem, it becomes bigger!

What you do is you focus just on the solutions, on seeing the wellness coming your way, on health. You don’t just focus on the negative aspect and chemicals that can suppress the symptoms of it.

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