The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Mate (Not What You Think)

The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Mate (Not What You Think)

Here comes the number one way to attract your ideal mate they just don’t teach out there.

And no, it isn’t joining a single site, or making a list of your ideal mate’s traits.

When you become the highest evolvement of your soul, you effortlessly attract your soulmate.

I was reminded of this when a gentleman recently joined Club Qigong, saying he wanted to become his higher self for a future relationship.

He said he wanted to drop the baggage, get rid of past trauma and rise toward his higher intuition instead of following the ego and all its fears and doubts.

How interesting that he didn’t go to a single’s site…

Instead he went to a place where he could raise his vibrational frequency to become the highest evolvement of his soul. And the ways we raise that vibrational frequency is through ancient forms made new that purge the negativity from our organs, as well as deep sleep meditations that change your subconscious so you can start living a life of health, happiness and prosperity.

And what happens when we raise our vibrational frequency?

We become magnetic and start attracting the ideal mate toward us effortlessly.

And that’s what the fitness and meditations do over at Club Qigong. They raise that vibrational frequency so that you can become your higher self.

Join us at Club Qigong to start your journey towards a higher self and a life of love, health, and prosperity. Click here to take the first step!