8 Pieces of Brocade with Melissa

• Enjoy these 8 forms to make you feel like you’re wearing a silky robe when you’re finished. • Feel free to pause rewind and replay the video to study the […]

Bear Searching

  This one is said to help bring new energy to the heart and lungs, increasing longevity and overall health.

Hands Holding Up the Heavens (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian)

Also known as Raising Hands to Support Heaven Organs: Lungs  – Triple Heater (body’s thermostat) – clears and releases, interactions with others, circulates lymph Benefits: balances and clears the the […]

Archer – or “Drawing the Bow”

Also known as the Archer and Drawing the Bow Organs: revitalizes the kidneys and opens lungs and heart Benefits: balances and replenishes the kidney meridian, opens lungs and heart, strengthens […]

Wise Owl Gazing

  Organs: Benefits: This it’s an amazingly simple stretch to send new energy though the entire spine, with the power to relieve muscle tightness and pinched nerves. Cures energy depletion […]