Dragon Ball

This form The Dragon Ball is 8th move in the 8 Trigrams. Meditation in motion, this form really takes focus and concentration. Benefits – a flowing Qigong form for tight […]

Rabbit Springs

Organs: massages the intestines for better digestion and elimination, detoxes the thyroid Benefits: Imitating the rabbit, the movement rounds the body inward and then releases springing outward. Visceral fascia is […]

Spiral Palm

Spiral Palm is the 7th Form in 8 Trigram Qigong postures Organs: Moves in new Qi (chi) in spirals to Liver and Heart Benefits: spiraling the spine and flexing the […]

Qigong Motivation Routine

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Separating Heaven And Earth

Organs: spleen and stomach. Benefits: Spleen and stomach meridian Instructions: stand with feet shoulder width apart raise your hands, palms facing up, finger tips meeting each other when passing through […]