6 Healing Sounds of Qigong Explained

Sound can heal us, scientists confirm. This was already widely known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where doctors developed certain sounds to target specific organs. A practice called the 6 […]

Immortals Pushing the Stone Tablet

Here’s a powerful Qigong form to open the heart center and align our intentions with this powerful energetic vortex. The heart center connects to our higher self, so finding tranquility […]

Sleep Routine

Qigong Sleep Routine for Deeper Rest For all the tips, view the full blog post here: Better Sleep with Qigong Exercises in this video: Chi Clear Temple massage Arm swing […]

Better Sleep with Qigong

How to Balance Your Chi for Deeper Rest During an episode of insomnia, someone said, “God gives you the sleep you need.” It seemed blunt at the time, but I got […]