How to Download Club Qigong Courses

Any Member can download any course to keep by simply signing up for 1 month. Simply click a course’s Vimeo link and then the “down” arrow. For sound files (like the Universal Mind Sleep Meditation) click the small “down” arrow to the right of the MP3.

For Video files

(or see below for Sound files)

Step 1: Click the Vimeo Link
Showing how to download
Note, on a phone the Vimeo is just a “V” like this:
Vimeo as a V

Step 2: Click the arrow to download
Showing how to download

For sound files

On computer: simply click the arrow on the right.
On the Phone App: Long Press on the Arrow on the right: A menu should appear with an option to Share, you can then Airdrop it or “Open in Chrome” where you will see an option to download to your device

⭐️ And you only need to be a member for a month to download any course you like! 🙌 Of course, by remaining a member, you get access to life-changing New Releases all while making the world a brighter place. 🌅