In-Person Qigong in Southwest Michigan

In-Person Qigong in Southwest Michigan

We are currently teaching Beginner’s Qigong In-Person at Yoga Life Michigan!

Classes are the first Thursday of each Month at 6 pm at Yoga Life!

Learn beginners’ Qigong (pronounced chee-gong). It’s “meditation in motion” from the Ancients. ✨Get into a zen flow with moves that help purify organs, reduce aches/anxieties & get you feeling the amazing good “qi”within!

Classes are art:
Yoga Life Studio
2629 Cleveland Ave.
Saint Joseph, MI 49085

(psst: Saint Joseph, MI is a quaint beach town and charming all year ☺️🌅)

You can either pay at the door ($20, arrive  15 min. early) or:

Sign Up at Yoga Life!

– Joe and Melissa 🙏☺️✨