In-Person Qigong in Saint Joseph, Michigan!

In-Person Qigong in Saint Joseph, Michigan!

Nature Flow in the Park
✨ Connect with Your Energy!

In one of St. Joseph, Michigan’s most beautiful (and secret!) parks, learn to connect with your energy using the flowing forms of nature! 🌳 (SCHEDULE IN THE WORKS).

Gain personal healing skills cultivated for thousands of years you can do for the rest of your life. These beginner’s forms purge your organs and energize your body with good Qi ✨ (“chee” is life-force energy, equivalent to prana in Yoga).

Join Melissa and Joe Moody to get the good Qi flowing with Qigong, the perfect compliment to Yoga!
Where: Shoreham Downs Park, Shoreham, Michigan
Cost: Free (Donation Based)
– No mat or props required.
Directions: From Lake Shore Drive, turn onto Wissing Lane and park by the wooded path near the entrance. You’ll see us in the open nature area (before the playground entrance).

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