Coconut Oil (liquid, organic)

Coconut oil:

🌞 Moisturizes skin deeply, making it ideal for dry or flaky skin conditions.
🌱 Promotes hair health, providing nourishment that can strengthen hair and add shine.
🦠 Contains antimicrobial properties, potentially preventing infections and supporting skin health.
🧠 Medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil may boost brain function, potentially aiding in memory care.
💪 High in healthy fats, it can support metabolism and energy, beneficial for weight management and physical performance.

This brand contains four times the amount of Medium Chain Triglycerides compared to Virgin Coconut Oil, ensuring a higher concentration of these beneficial fats. Its key ingredients include Fractionated Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil, selected for their unique properties. This formulation is designed to enhance the flavors of your baking without imparting any coconut taste, making it ideal for diverse culinary applications. Additionally, the Coconut Oil used in this product is derived from non-genetically modified sources, ensuring a natural and wholesome ingredient choice. Beyond its culinary uses, this product is also excellent for skin and hair care, providing natural nourishment and hydration.

🌴 Rich in MCTs: Contains 4x more Medium Chain Triglycerides than Virgin Coconut Oil for enhanced health benefits.
🥥 Premium Ingredients: Made with Fractionated Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil for superior quality.
🍰 Flavor Enhancer: Boosts baking flavors without adding a coconut taste.
🌿 Non-GMO: Coconut Oil is sourced from non-genetically modified foods for natural goodness.
💆‍♀️🌟 Versatile Use: Ideal for both skin and hair care, providing natural nourishment and hydration.


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