Gentle Mouth Tape – prevents dry mouth at night

To help reduce mouth breathing when sleeping, Experience the gentle and pain-free skin care with Gentle Micropore Tape. 🩹

🤍 Pain-Free Removal: Say goodbye to discomfort! Our micropore tape offers pain-free removal, making it ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas.

💫 Gentle Adhesion: Enjoy peace of mind with gentle adhesion that secures your bandages or dressings without causing irritation or damage to the skin.

👶 Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Designed with your skin’s sensitivity in mind, our tape provides a soft touch and won’t cause redness or irritation, even with prolonged use.

✨ Versatile Usage: Whether for wound care, securing dressings, or cosmetic applications, our micropore tape is a versatile solution for all your skin care needs.

📦 Convenient Pack: Each pack contains 60 pieces of micropore tape, ensuring you have an ample supply for all your daily skin care routines and emergencies.

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