Mugwort Tea for Dream Recall

To help remember dreams and gain insights from them, Joe loves drinking this very bitter tea blended with a more smooth flavor, like Lotus flour or butterfly pea tea….

  • 🌿 Manual Screening: Carefully selected premium dried mugwort leaves, meticulously screened to remove redundant stems, ensuring the highest quality for your tea.
  • ☀️ Natural Mugwort: Harvested from pollution-free, chemical-free wild fields and dried under natural sunlight, preserving freshness and offering a pure aroma upon opening.
  • 💤 Sleep With A Lucid Dream: Enjoy improved sleep quality with mugwort tea, known for its potential to induce restful sleep and enhance dream recall, backed by research.
  • 🛡️ Natural Immune Enhancer: Despite its bitter taste, mugwort tea is a healthy herbal option supporting wellness and boosting immunity.
  • 🌟 Various Wonderful Uses: Beyond tea, dried mugwort herbs can be utilized in sachets for improving sleep quality or added to baths for a rejuvenating experience, offering versatile benefits beyond just a beverage.