Raw Coconut Oil

100% Raw Coconut Oil is sourced from the lush coconut groves of a pristine remote area in the Philippines. This coconut oil is meticulously crafted to maintain its purity and nutritional integrity. Unlike many other options on the market, this process ensures that every drop of oil retains its natural micronutrients and benefits, making it a superior choice for health-conscious consumers.

🥥 Crafted Below 118°F: This coconut oil is delicately extracted using a centrifuge machine, ensuring that it never exceeds 118°F, thus preserving its vital nutrients.

🌱 100% Organic: Grown in pesticide-free environments, these coconuts are cultivated using organic farming methods, certified by the USDA. With over 80,000 USDA Organic Certified coconut trees, the commitment to organic purity is unwavering.

🏝️ Bottled at the Source: From tree to bottle in less than 12 hours, the coconut oil is packaged immediately after extraction, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness and purity.

🤝 Direct Trade: Beyond Fair Trade, this product prioritizes ethical sourcing by empowering small farmers. Through training, funding, and cooperative initiatives, we can combat modern-day slavery and foster community development within farming communities.