Seated Qigong Flow with Joe

Here’s one of the first Qigong videos Joe ever made! He created the flow for his mother who is wheelchair-bound. The routine goes through 7 of the 8 brocades seated, adding a little prayer and meditation that harmonizes with his Mom’s Christian faith (the prayer can be tweaked as needed).

Here’s Just Some Benefits of Seated Qigong:

🔄 Boosts Circulation: Seated Qigong exercises encourage blood flow throughout the body. This is especially important for those who are sedentary, as it helps prevent circulation problems and promotes healing and energy flow.

💪 Enhances Flexibility and Strength: Even when performed while seated, Qigong can significantly improve flexibility and strength. Gentle stretching and muscle engagement help maintain muscle tone and joint health.

🧘 Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Qigong is known for its calming effects. The practice involves mindful movements and breathing techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of inner peace.

🌬️ Improves Respiratory Function: The deep, controlled breathing that is a core part of Qigong practice can enhance lung capacity and respiratory function, which is beneficial for everyone, especially those with limited physical activity.

🧠 Boosts Mental Focus and Clarity: Regular practice of seated Qigong can also improve mental focus and clarity. The meditative aspect of the movements, combined with breathing exercises, can enhance cognitive functions and concentration.

Qigong is the ideal practice for those who are unable to stand or have limited mobility. It promotes circulation, flexibility, and strength, while also reducing stress, improving respiratory function, and boosting mental clarity. 🌟