Seated Qigong – Making Fitness Accessible

Seated Qigong – Making Fitness Accessible

Energy Healing Made Accessible

When the world was reeling back in 2020, I realized the power of Qigong. It was the only practice that truly cut through the fire of fear spreading through every facet of our society.

With Qigong, I was able to become emotionally free and fit at the darkest of times. And that’s actually what inspired me to begin sharing it with others – first my own Mom.

My mother raised 6 kids all while having MS and narcolepsy. Her secret? Deep energetic prayer that connected her with Divine energy daily, and which she shared with her children, friends, and spouse.

But her mobility was waning in 2020, as she was mainly wheelchair-bound, so I decided to share Qigong with her (before Club Qigong was founded).

Another fantastic aspect of Qigong is the many of the forms which can be done while sitting, just in their natural state.

However, I thought it would be cool idea to develop a specific routine where I myself was also sitting, to make sure I could feel the Good Qi flowing through me while seated.

That exact routine is now a course over at Club Qigong, and I also posted it for the public over onto Youtube here.