Discover the Science of Sound Healing!

Discover the Science of Sound Healing!

Here comes one of the most important aspects of your existence you may have never heard before.

Both the ancient Vedics and modern physics see the entire universe, including you, as a symphony of vibrations.

That’s why words are so powerful, and that’s why music has the ability to make us cry, laugh, or even heal at the cellular level.

In around a thousand years ago, benedictine monks discovered some of the most powerful healing frequencies known to the planet.

They were first used in a Gregorian chant about John the Baptist, and we know them today as the Solfeggio frequencies. These powerful, magical musical vibrations that can stimulate healing and positivity at the core of our being.

So that begs the question: “Why doesn’t modern music use these Solfeggio frequencies to heal the world?”

I decided to ask Chat GPT.

Apparently it was a follow-the-crowd type of thing back in the day for uniformity among orchestras and opera houses. And there are many theories and conspiracies as to why they chose 440hz instead of one of the more healing and elegant Solfeggio frequencies.

But instead of worrying about that right now, we’re just going to focus on how there are musicians now using these Solfeggio frequencies, and we’re now also using them over at Club Qigong in our meditations.

For example, we’re using the 396 hz frequency for our sleep meditation depression to joy. This frequency evokes emotional freedom, liberation from worry and self doubt.

And to help people lose weight naturally we’re using the 528 “Love frequency” to invoke self-love and reduce stress eating, all with powerful affirmations embedded with the music to help change us at the subconscious level, which science says controls 90% of our behavior.

It’s all about the power of sound!

And for more info about our meditations that use the Solfeggio frequencies, visit our Solfeggio Station