Stop Anger in Its Tracks with this Calming Technique

Stop Anger in Its Tracks with this Calming Technique

Here comes a powerful way to turn off anger before it poisons your body with cortisol.

It doesn’t involve thinking, it actually involves your body.

You see, your body has all kinds of ways to control and regulate your emotions and even purge out negative emotions that they simply don’t teach in school.

There are places you can tap on your body that’ll boost your immune system.

There are places that you can tap that’ll boost your energy level.

And there are ways you can turn off negative emotions in the moment.

So what is this powerful way to stop anger?

You simply block air incoming to your right nostril.

That actually turns off and subdues the ego side and it actually stimulates our calming side, which makes us more calm immediately, almost instantly upon the first breath in.

And so if something makes you angry, just taking a nice inhale and exhale through that left nostril, that’s the calming side.

If you need more energy or to wake up fast, then block your left nostril and that’ll wake you up.

And of course, you might not want to look weird suddenly blocking your nose if you’re in an argument, so here’s a cool move you can do if somebody says something that pisses you off.

Simply just act like you’re thinking with your hand on your face.

They’ll just think you’re thinking, not realizing you’ve actually closed down that reactionary side and you’ll probably come back with some beautiful, calm wisdom that will save the day.

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