Dragon Whips It’s Tail

The third pose of the 8 Trigrams is Dragon Whips It’s Tail. This move combines the Wave in the second pose with added arm movement that opens up the arm […]

Dragon Back (Wave) Qi Gong

The second pose of the 8 Trigrams is Dragon Back Wave. This is a warm up that massages the spine. Hands begin at Dan Tian. Relax. Bottom pushes back then […]

Throwing Away The Trash QiGong Pose

The first pose of the 8 Trigrams is Throwing Away the Trash. This is a warm up that releases toxins and excess emotions. It opens the fascia around most of […]

What are the 6 Healing Sounds in Qi Gong?

Here are the 6 healing sounds we make in various forms of Qigong, and the organs/emotions they treat. Haaa– heart -red – heart sound opens heart and circulates breath – […]

Yin Massage

Yin toning is strengthening front of body. Take in heavenly Qi, wash qi down crown , open and receptive.


  Embodies water element, circulates qi, for kidneys (batteries for our vitality and life force) Will Power is the virtue of our kidneys.

Becoming the Tree

   Expand arms like branches growing expanding into the universe connect with the earth through the soles of your feet growing roots into Mother Earth root up thru center hands […]

Swimming Dragon

This form known as the Qigong of longevity is a deep twist of the spine, aiding the water element and installing the diamond mudra (represents water). Using the opposing forces […]