8 Pieces of Brocade

8 Pieces of Brocade

8 Silky Moves–feels like putting on a silk robe!

Originally known as the “ba duan jin” which translates to “eight pieces of silk fabric” these eight forms get the energy flowing through our body like silk!

Here’s the benefits of each move:

1. Raising Hands to Heaven

alleviates anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue as well as panic attacks, and sends renewed energy through the endocrine system

2. Drawing the Bow

revitalizes the kidneys, opens lungs and heart, stretches arms. while the “horse stance” strengthens the lower body.

3. Separating Heaven and Earth

does a lot of what raising hands to heaven does, while being especially good for revitalizing the spleen and stomach.

4. Wise Owl Gazing

this it’s an amazingly simple stretch to send new energy though the entire spine, with the power to relieve muscle tightness and pinched nerves.

5. Big Bear Searching

is said to help bring new energy to the heart and lungs, increasing longevity and overall health.

6. Fist with Fierce Gaze Releasing Stress

This is said to purify negative emotions, especially anger, from where Chinese medicine believes it is stored: the liver. Strengthens concentration and releases tension.

7. Touching Toes to Purify Kidneys

This one is especially good for the kidneys, purging the negative emotion of fear to allow for more qi. The kidneys are said to store our life essense while also stimulating the bladder, other organs and stretching the back, legs and spine. Regulates energy for perseverance and ease.

8. Shower of Qi (or Shaking the Tree)

Also called the “Cure for 99 Diseases,” this strengthens the heels and calves, stimulating the immune system, while cleansing negative energy and receiving renewed energy.

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