Louhan Patting : Iron Body

Louhan Patting, also known as Iron Body, is a form in Qigong (which translates to “the cultivation of life force energy”). The powerful technique  involves lightly slapping or striking the body on various pressure points to stimulate circulation and healing.

Watch the Louhan Patting Video: Achieving “Iron Body”

Benefits of Louhan Patting

• can instantly made you feel more energetic, like your body is “popping” and pulsating with power.

• can lifted your mood first thing in the morning when cortisol levels are strong

• can boost overall energy and more optimism.

• makes the body respond as if in pain, causing it to release natural opiates like serotonin and dopamine.

• boost circulation, flowing nutrients to injured areas to repair tissues

• stimulated the body to clear out stagnated blood and inflammation.

• energize the cells and boost immune system activity

• activated natural healing through stimulation of organ meridians

Aside from tapping or slapping pressure points, the technique can involves forming a fist and lightly rubbing or knocking pressure points to stimulate organs.

A fellow Qigong instructor, Don Fiore, showcase some of the benefits of patting in various areas, here is his summary combined with some of our own additions:

Up and down center torso: heats up core
Top and underside of arms
 — heart and lungs
Torso and under armpits — lymphatics and spleen
Mid-torso sides — liver and spleen lower
Chest — kidney meridian
Butt — is for the bladder meridian
Pinkie side of the hand — the small intestine (“karate chop” these areas)
Rubbing the lower back with fists— kidneys and adrenals
The face and points around the jawline — improves complexion
Forehead & back of neck — aids sinus and reduces headaches, stimulates bladder meridian and endrocrine system
Corner of eyes — gall bladder
Under eyes — stomach
Rubbing the ears — ears contain over 100 acupressure points
Between the eyes — bladder meridian and endocrine system
Tapping the upper lip — called the governing vessel, good for the brain
Lower lip — is called the conception vessel and is also good for the brain
Side of knees — one spot there is “Stomache 36” said to strengthen the whole immune system and boost longevity.